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Ricky Meyers joins Northington Partners

Ricky Meyers
March 24, 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Ricky Meyers is joining Northington Partners as a Director in the Debt Advisory team. Ricky has 25 years of senior leadership and deal experience across the Corporate, Institutional & Property banking sectors and is therefore very well placed to assist corporate clients with their debt funding requirements.

The Government’s recent announcement that New Zealand with move to alert level 4 in response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak for at least the next four weeks will obviously place considerable stress on the financial position of most corporates, with only a very small number of businesses being able to continue trading without material restrictions. While we expect that the banks will be in a position to support many of their clients through the downturn, any temporary increases in debt funding will require clear evidence that the businesses will remain viable in the medium term and can be recapitalised when the crisis subsides. Some corporates may also need to access non-bank debt funding as part of their short-term funding strategy.

Northington Partners has established a great track record of helping a wide range of businesses to secure suitable debt funding. Our debt advisory clients operate in all sectors and range in size from closely-held SME businesses to large publicly listed firms. Ricky’s addition to the team significantly adds to our collective experience and capability at a time when we expect many clients’ requirements for advisory services will increase. Ricky has the network and credibility that many corporate borrowers will need to successfully work through their debt funding issues.


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